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The Climate, The Unions, The Future: Do Gen Z and Alpha Stand A Chance?

They attempted to form a “Beef Trust”—a collaborative group made up of the five largest meatpacking companies—with its base of packinghouses in Chicago’s Packingtown area.

The Jungle brought about changes in the meat industry. With Amazon and the details about conditions upon which you have to poop in a bag begs the question how much? They are stopping unions and forcing unrealistic expectations. How much more do we need to incur before we realize we are re-living the 20th century all over again. Pandemic, stock market crash, woman vote (LGBTQ).


When Democrat Senator Warren from Massachusetts criticized the corporate giant because of the controversy above, the corporate Twitter account responded to Warren's criticism by saying, "One of the most powerful politicians in the United States just said she's going to break up an American company so that they can't criticize her anymore."  


 A 2019 report by Nature Ecology & Evolution found that up to one million plant and animals species face extinction, many within decades.

How Drugs, Fraud, And GOP Fundraisers Are Connected

President Trump's full campaign effort raised $495 million between Oct. 15 and Nov. 23, according to new FEC filings, a total that includes the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and other affiliated committees. 
Much of the money being raised to help fund election challenges, like donations being solicited through requests to challenge the election outcome, isn't being funneled to a specific group.

It wasn't readily available and difficult to find. In doing this, the Trump campaign has found themselves in hot water. "Bandits!” said Victor Amelino, a 78-year-old Californian, who made a $990 online donation to Mr. Trump in early September via WinRed. It recurred seven more times — adding up to almost $8,000. “I’m retired. I can’t afford to pay all that damn money.”
In the final two and a half months of 2020, the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and their shared accounts issued more than 530,000 refunds worth $64.3 million to online donors. To put how magnanimous these amounts are, there is one statistic I'd like to share. Mr. Trump, the R.N.C. and their shared accounts refunded far more money to online donors in the last election cycle than every federal Democratic candidate and committee in the country combined.

After an eight-day trial in May 2016, a jury found the companies had committed more than 117 million knowing violations of the Telemarketing Sales Rule. This included 99 million calls to phone numbers on the do not call registry, and more than 4 million additional calls in which they made misleading statements to induce DVD sales. Also, in 2018 the US Department of Justice imposed a $45.4 million fine but suspended all but $487,735 based on the companies' inability to pay the entire amount. The years spent in court pretty much decimated the business financially, but the ruling was definitely the final nail in the coffin.               

Can The DNC Take Us Back To The '60s American Economy?

Tyler Goodspeed, former acting chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under former President Trump. "With this so-called skinny proposal, we’re seeing a proposed increase in non-defense discretionary spending of 16%, it’s highest level as a share of the economy since 1965."


Fiscal Year 2022 Discretionary Budget Request (Biden Budget):



The first part of Biden's plan is expected to focus on physical infrastructure…
A Monmouth University poll released in January …
The tax portion of his proposal is called the "Made in America Tax Plan" …*ke3f59*_ga*UzV3WE1NSzBUd2FrRWxlNjctdkhjZE9uZG5odzd5Wnl4enl6YWxxNDNWdmtRbWVScG91b2xBZWhyRUp5QXFHVQ..


His greatest response was during his inauguration speech in January of 1937. “I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished. But it is not in despair that I paint you that picture. I paint it for you in hope—because the nation, seeing and understanding the injustice in it, proposes to paint it out. We are determined to make every American citizen the subject of his country’s interest and concern; and we will never regard any faithful law-abiding group within our borders as superfluous. The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

Jake Paul; Google Bam Margera For A Look Into Your Future

Paradise shared her story in a YouTube video posted April 9, accusing Paul of forcing her to perform oral sex on July 20, 2019. She says she was not a fan, but met Paul through a mutual friend who was hanging out at the Team 10 house. She adds that “as soon as you go in,” your photo is taken and you must sign an NDA, which is why she believed she wasn’t allowed to talk about the alleged assault.

Debunking All Of Rush Limbaugh’s 35 “Undeniable Truths” Part 1

67.7% were self-made, while 23.7% had a combination of inherited and self-created wealth. Only 8.5% of global high-net-worth individuals were categorized as having completely inherited their wealth.


A 2017 article by the Journal of Adolescent Health (JAH) shows that the abstinence only sexual education has backfired immensely.


Rush Limbaugh’s 35 “Undeniable Truths”:

Rush Limbaugh's Original & Updated 35 'Undeniable Truths' (

The Republican Legislation Which Could Legalize Murder During A Riot


Utah Roadway Obstruction Amendment:

Oklahoma HB 1822:


Anyone who “accosts, insults, taunts, or challenges a law enforcement officer with offensive or derisive words, or by gestures or other physical contact, that would have a direct tendency to provoke a violent response.” Offenders would have faced up to 90 days in jail and fines, and the proposal also would have increased penalties for rioting.

Texas SB 912:

US Protest Law Tracker.


These included imposing term limits on members of Congress, abolishing the federal income tax and placed severe limits on the federal government’s ability to levy taxes, implement new regulations or spend money.

“a constitutional convention would be a Brexit-scale crisis for the US.”

The Bastardization Of The Second Amendmen

District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008.


McDonald v. City of Chicago


Sullivan Act


Klenosky v. New York City Police Department


New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Corlett


“Outside the home, firearm rights have always been more limited, because public safety interests often outweigh individual interests in self defense.”

The 2020 Election; This Nightmare Will Never Be Over (A Tale of Division During the Digital Age)

Fraud—and by this, I mean actual election fraud, not fraud as currently used by the Republican administration as a tool to stoke fear:


Mr. Trump had said the U.S.-China trade tariffs were great for the country ... we know they nearly bankrupted the farming industry:


Or when Nancy Pelosi illustrates why she is the pinnacle of "Karen Technology:

The Supreme Court Rulings Untethering Police From The Law

Heien v. North Carolina


According to Henry A. Wallace Police Crime Database, along with the Washington Post's police shooting database, between the years of 2005 and 2014 there were around 1,000 people fatally shot every year by police officers.


The first happened on June 27th, 2005 in the case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales.


Justice Antonin Scalia wrote, "Our cases recognize that a benefit is not a protected entitlement if government officials may grant or deny it in their discretion."

Section 230 And The Real Constitution Crisis: The Freedom of Speech

47 U.S.C. § 230, a Provision of the Communication Decency Act

Two months later during a Senate Hearing, Professor Eugene Volokh of UCLA School of Law and Feinstein got into a back-and-forth about free speech.

Senator Patrick Leahy Quote 11/29/18 (D Senator VT):

The First Amendment was the most important part of our Constitution because it promised the freedom of speech.


Freedom of speech executive order

Mitch McConnell calling the SJW's:

“the grievance-industrial complex,”



Section 230 is one that would do so by stripping it of all its protections. These protections would only be given back if internet companies follow a list of "best practices" set up by a government commission of 15 people.

The Separation Of Church And State Does Not Exist In America

According to a study done by Christianity Today in 2020, for United States Protestant pastors ...


2020 study done by Lifeway Research ...


Trump catered to them by signing an executive order relaxing the IRS ban ...


But until you use some of that Netflix money ...


They also found through the National Election Pool exit poll, Bush received 78% of the vote among white evangelicals, up 10% from 2000.

The 2020 Election; This Nightmare Will Never Be Over (A Tale of Division During the Digital Age)


Fraud—and by this, I mean actual election fraud, not fraud as currently used by the Republican administration as a tool to stoke fear:


Mr. Trump had said the U.S.-China trade tariffs were great for the country ... we know they nearly bankrupted the farming industry:


Or when Nancy Pelosi illustrates why she is the pinnacle of "Karen Technology:

Kamala Harris: Hillary Clinton Version 2.0

The first was her reticence towards the support and implementation of state-wide body camera laws for police officers in 2015.


The second was when she had worked with the Legislative Black Caucus of California in 2015 on helping to make changes when it came to police shootings.


In 2016 it was made abundantly clear through an email information dump on Wikileaks


Old Guard vs New Guard

Qanon: The Most Dangerous American Conspiracy Theory

A study published on April 7, 2011 in the Current Biology journal

The most famous incident that involved the pedophile ring was "Pizzagate."


For those of you unfamiliar with Qanon, it is a conservative conspiracy group/theory that top Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Soros are the leaders of a worldwide pedophile ring.


Agency Advance Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit that tracks misinformation, found that 1 in 7 tweets about “#Dominion”


"The Storm."


Qanon falls silent after election


the FBI has classified Qanon as a domestic terrorist group.

The New Year's Resolution That Democrats Need To Make — And Complete — In 2021

AOC calls Amazon jobs a 'scam' because more than 4,000 of its employees are on food stamps.

In 2019, she called into question why Amazon paid zero in federal income taxes on more than $11 billion in profit.

Walmart and McDonald’s are among the top employers of beneficiaries of federal aid programs like Medicaid and food stamps, according to a study by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office.

Other notable companies with a large number of employees on federal aid include Amazon, Kroger, Dollar General, and other food service and retail giants. About 70% of the 21 million federal aid beneficiaries worked full time, the report found.

Walmart recently reported net income of $5.14 billion for its most recent quarter, while McDonald’s reported net income of $1.76 billion for the same period.

In a 2013 study by Americans for Tax Fairness, it was found that Walmart's low-wage workers cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $6.2 billion in public assistance including food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing, according to a report published to coincide with Tax Day, April 15.

Though the full-year net income fell 5.7% in 2013, they still generated a net income profit of $16 billion.

It shows there are 41.2 million working people, or nearly 30 percent of the workforce, receiving public assistance such as food stamps, housing subsidies and cash assistance to make ends meet.

The Stimulus Part Two: More Giveaways

Tucked into Congress’s massive stimulus bill: Tens of billions in special-interest tax giveaways

The Second Stimulus Legislation


The PPP is implemented by ...


One lawsuit contends that the guidance of CARES Act funds ...


Conservative Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York.


Restaurant chains P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and Chop’t received aid of between $5 million and $10 million. Numerous organizations ...


An end to most forms of surprise medical billing is in the legislation. The most significant climate-change legislation in at least a decade (and arguably ever)--which is a surprise given how little the republicans want any funding to go towards that.


In April, another lawsuit came about ...


According to the IRS (ITIN):

Washington D.C. To Host First-Ever Purge: Beginning January 6th, 2021"

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., was the first senator to announce plans to object to the electoral vote count. He received swift criticism from senior Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Senate Majority Whip John Thune, R-S.D.

Ted Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and nine other Republican US senators or senators-elect said on Saturday they will reject presidential electors from states where Donald Trump has contested his defeat by Joe Biden, “unless and until [an] emergency 10-day audit” of such results is completed.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney described it as “nonsense”, the idea that a congressional audit would restore trust in the election, saying the American people trusted federal judges more than Congress. Though I disagree with the assessment of citizens trusting federal judges, he is correct that an audit itself would restore complete faith in the process (given that almost half of the country doesn't believe the process anyway if the results don't pan out).


McConnel: "the politics of fear have no place in our society,"


Rep. Gohmert Calls for Street Violence as Another Legal Loss Sends MAGA World Spiraling

U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Kernodle, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, dismissed a hail-mary lawsuit filed by Gohmert and 11 Arizona Republicans that attempted to give Vice President Mike Pence the ability to overturn the results of the November presidential election won by Joe Biden.Gohmert then seemed to encourage violence as a means to this end. “But bottom line is, the court is saying, ‘We’re not going to touch this. You have no remedy’—basically, in effect, the ruling would be that you gotta go the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM.”

These Are The Republicans Who Have Acknowledged Biden’s Victory

Pardon Me, Mr. President?"

On November 26, a Venezuelan court convicted and sentenced six executives of Houston-based oil refining company Citgo ...

CITGO employees Tomeu Vadell, Gustavo Cardenas, Jorge Toledo, Alirio Jose Zambrano, Jose Luis Zambrano and Jose Angel Pereira ...

US Slaps Sanctions On Venezuelans For Jailing Ex-Citgo Executives.


This thought seems to gain tranction in a 2018 New Yorker article ...


State Supreme Court Justice Saliann Scarpulla of Manhattan ruled in 2019 that Trump pay $2 million ...


1973 issued an internal memo stating that the position of a sitting president cannot be indicted.

The War On Drugs (Or: How To Perpetuate A Failure)

Police still make over 1 million drug possession arrests each year and 450,000 people are incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses on any given day in the US.

Every 25 seconds, someone in America is arrested for drug possession. The number of Americans arrested for possession has tripled since 1980, reaching 1.3 million arrests per year in 2015--these numbers are especially surprising given they are six times the number of arrests for drug sales.


As Nixon was quoted as saying, "I want a goddamn strong statement on marijuana … I mean one on marijuana that just tears the ass out of them."

After legalizing everything, the ensuing years ...


After decriminalization, the number of people in Portugal receiving drug addiction treatment ...


The present study examined the impact of Project DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), a widespread drug-prevention program, 10 years after administration. A total of 1,002 individuals who in 6th grade had either received DARE or a standard drug-education curriculum, were reevaluated at age 20. Few differences were found between the 2 groups in terms of actual drug use, drug attitudes, or self-esteem, and in no case did the DARE group have a more successful outcome than the comparison group. -


In 2016 another study was done by the National Institute of Drug Abuse


After legalizing everything, the ensuing years saw dramatic drops in problematic drug use,

The War On Christmas

Dr Fauci: "I don't want to do that," he said. "I want people to be more careful. I want them to limit traveling to the extent possible."

Henry Ford is the one who really kicked off the "War on Christmas" in the modern sense. “Last Christmas most people had a hard time finding Christmas cards that indicated in any way that Christmas commemorated Someone's Birth."