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Climate Change Now Considered A Disease in Canada; How This Diagnosis May Impact Global Healthcare

Written By: Anton Sawyer

Climate Change Now Considered A Disease in Canada; How This Diagnosis May Impact Global Healthcare

There’s nothing that gives me more rage than when I see good/solid science being completely mutated into something that fits a personal or political agenda. Though America tends to lead the world in propelling junk science as being factual in order to push a specific narrative—i.e. “touch DNA”—Canada has decided to step its game up recently by diagnosing an elderly woman with “Climate Change.” This diagnosis has caused a lot of controversy within the medical and scientific communities, and for good reason; it’s hard to diagnose a human with an atmospheric condition. The article today is going to look at this recent diagnosis from the Great White North, and how if the World Health Organization takes this “medicine” as accurate, it could completely change the future of the fight against climate change.

For those of you unaware, during the fall of 2021, an elderly woman in Canada was diagnosed as being the first human on record to have contracted “climate change” itself as an illness, and not as a symptom or side-effect.

The woman, who is in her 70s, was diagnosed in the summer shortly after a heatwave in June sent temperatures soaring past 121 degrees Fahrenheit. Though this woman was the only one who had been diagnosed with this atmospheric ailment, record-breaking heat in Canada this summer is believed to have killed more than 500 people in British Columbia alone. Another primary contributing factor to the climate change diagnosis stems from the fact that Canadian wildfires have caused the air quality in the province to become 43 times worse than levels deemed acceptably safe through July and August 2021. There’s a lot to unpack here ….


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I do not understand why, out of the hundreds of Canadians who have died from the exact same symptoms as this elderly woman, that she has been the only one given this specific diagnosis? It seems that if hundreds of people were dying from a nationwide ailment, that the medical community would deem this as an epidemic and begin administering medications and different forms of relief. Even Dr. Kyle Merritt, the emergency room doctor in Nelson, British Columbia who was responsible for the diagnosis, used this epidemic-preparation thought process when speaking about the diagnosis. “If we’re not looking at the underlying cause, and we’re just treating the symptoms, we’re just gonna keep falling further and further behind,” he said.

Regarding how the medical community treats illnesses, the thought behind his methodology isn’t wrong. Typically, after a disease has been recognized, the root causes of the transmission of the disease are figured out first. Once you find the method of transmission, you do everything possible to stop that transmission, and then determine if the cure will be therapeutic, medicinal, etc. After a consensus is arrived at by all the doctors and medical community at large, then the methods to stem the illness are implemented with the proper remedies. This step-by-step method begs the question, how do you achieve this goal when it comes to something like climate change?

Having written about climate change before, I do believe it is real and man-made. With that being said, how do you fight it using medical treatments? It’s not like you can launch a rocket filled with antibiotics into the atmosphere and expect the illness to be destroyed.

Right now, there are annual conferences in which nations across the world come together with their best scientists to figure out ways to stem the heatwave proliferation of Earth. If they haven’t been able to figure it out, I doubt that using a medically based scientific method to combat this scourge is going to help much. It seems that the medical community who is backing this diagnosis is hearing a whole lot of zebras. And those zebras are proudly displaying the colors of extreme liberal nationalism—more on this in a minute. I surmise that this climate change diagnosis is nothing more than an attempt to use junk science to further the liberal political agenda of fighting climate change in a new and exciting way.

That’s kind of a big jump, so stick with me for a moment.

Canada has been celebrating uber-liberal nationalism for as long as history has kept tabs on such a thing. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, it merely is. In contrast, American ultra-nationalism is based mostly on conservative rights: Gods, guns, government. When thinking about American nationalism, the first thought that enters the minds of many is watching a big-ol’ man killing off a 72-ounce steak in an hour during a trip to the heart of Texas; and then being rewarded with a 50-caliber Desert Eagle Tiger Stripe for eating everything within the time frame. Though there is some humor to what I’m saying, there’s also a lot of truth. Keep in mind that in Rifle, Colorado (yes, that is the real name of the town), there is a grill called “Shooters” in which the waitresses open-carry guns while taking and delivering your order. So it is indeed possible that while you're ordering your appetizer, the waitress will be packing a Ruger 357 Blackhawk. Off-topic, but I’m glad this is in Colorado where marijuana and its sedative effects are legal.

That is America nationalism in a nutshell: super-conservative with easily identifiable calling cards. BUT, not every country that is ultra-nationalistic is conservative. Enter Canada.

In a 2020 survey, 76% of Canadians are “very confident” or “moderately confident” that the country’s health care system would be there to provide help and assistance if they had to face an unexpected medical condition. This is just one element. In fact, when looking at the polling data, Canadians overwhelmingly favor government-run programs and feel that this liberalism is a part of their larger, national identity as well. When you combine the fact that in 2021, the number one issue for Canadian voters was climate change, along with the national pride that they have when it comes to liberal causes like fighting climate change, you get a human being that is diagnosed with an atmospheric condition—and here we are.

I’ve written about both conservatives and liberals using science in a very shaded way to further their own political agenda. Yet in all of those articles, not once have I ever said that the liberal side of the political fence is any different or better than their conservative counterparts, and this Canadian diagnosis shows exactly why. Political affiliation and beliefs aren’t necessarily the problem. It’s when those with power find a way to exploit it for their own political gain that the problem begins. This is what Canada is doing by seriously looking into this climate change solution as a medical one. This is what I meant by them hearing zebras.

The phrase, “when you hear hoofs, think horse, not zebra” is what I’m referring to. This is told to new physicians to train them that sometimes the simplest answer is the most correct. If you hear hooves, it COULD be zebras, but it isn’t as likely as the source being horses.

That’s what happened with the diagnosis this elderly Canadian woman has been given. Think about it. A woman older than 70 was hospitalized during the summer months shortly after experiencing terrible air quality brought on by wildfires and a heatwave in June sent temperatures soaring above 121 degrees Fahrenheit. These facts combined don’t exactly shock most people when it comes to understanding why this woman had to be hospitalized. Also, Dr. Merritt stated openly that the woman “has diabetes. She has some heart failure ... She lives in a trailer, no air conditioning.” Now, I’m not a doctor, but even I know from this brief medical history of the elderly woman that her hospitalization was only going to be a matter of time. I do not doubt that the climate change in her area helped exacerbate her existing medical condition, but the time frame and diagnosis are incredibly suspect.

We have a super-liberal nationalistic bent on a country.

The number one concern of the voting bloc is climate change.

A woman comes in with symptoms that were impacted by climate change. Smashing them together in some weird conglomeration during an election year isn’t out of the question.

Is it really that difficult to believe that an activist doctor who swells with national pride sees a way to manipulate the scientific realities of a situation in order to help further the nationalistic liberal intent when it comes to stopping a scourge that is on the tongues of every countryman?

As Americans, we tend to use the phrase “activist” when it comes to judges or those with political power who use their influence to impact policy because they lean a certain way politically. Because of our thought process in the US, it’s incredibly weird to see a doctor cause so much political upheaval by incorrectly diagnosing someone with the specific intent of impacting national—and potential worldwide—policies on an issue that is completely unrelated to the medical community. It’s going to be interesting to see how the medical community of the world is going to react to the fact that humans can now be diagnosed with climate change. If you think about it, if enough nations (or especially the World Health Organization) get on board with this idea and determine that climate change is indeed a worldwide pandemic like Covid, it will drastically change everything we knew about how climate change is going to be fought in the future. It would be like almost starting from square one. If the WHO gets the power to monitor and moderate the climate outputs of various nations in the name of “health,” it is going to impact EVERY nation on Earth to one degree or another. The thought of the WHO being able to dictate possible health matters in every nation is utterly terrifying ... and within the realm of possibility. If the series of events goes this way, then the potential misdirection between health and climate change could rise exponentially, necessitating oversight.

Enter The Indie Truther.

If there is ONE positive element to this entire situation, it would be in the fact that this Canadian diagnosis bolsters the entire reason for this webzine existing. It doesn’t matter what side of the political fence you are on when it comes to methodology and deception tactics, there is zero difference between conservatives and liberals—whether in America or elsewhere. Even with this mindset of knowing how manipulation tactics are used by politicians, I do have to admit that it is somewhat surprising to see the super-nice nation of Canada leading the way in rocking the boat of reality to such a degree. Yet, as we know, humans are gonna human …


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