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Never Before In American History ...

Written By: Anton Sawyer

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We are currently in the eye of the most historic storm to hit America in the 21st Century since 9/11.

This is not to say other events of historical note haven't happened in the meantime. From LGBTQ gaining civil rights to having our first black president, this century has had a number so far. But we knew we would eventually have a black president at some point. We knew it would only be a matter of time before LGBTQ rights were going to be recognized on a federal level.

What I mean by this being the greatest storm, is that we do not have any precedents for what is happening currently in our country.

Washington DC White House Lightning Storm

On January 6th, 2021, we saw a mob of domestic terrorists swarm the nation's capital in an attempt to stop the democratic process which has proliferated through our nation's fabric since the late 1700s.

In fact, the last time the nation's capital was attacked in such a fashion was during the War of 1812 by Britain, when they burned it to the ground. But never in our history has it been attacked by its own.

There is no precedence for any of it.

Usually, I am the person who looks into the past to get an idea of our future, because as humans we go through cycles. There is nothing that has ever caused American citizens to surge in D.C. before.

More so than that, we've also never had a police group not only be under investigation for allowing citizens to take over the capitol building, but also have videotape of those same officers being beaten by their fellow citizens with a giant staff holding up an American flag. Not only was there assistance from those on-duty, but there were also a number of off-duty cops and firemen that are under investigation in connection with the riot along with those on the front lines that day.

The "true patriots" (as they like to call themselves) are always hard-lining to support the police. We have constantly heard people shouting "PROTECT THE BLUE LINE" from their conservative rooftops, so what is the quantifiable difference?

You support the police if they have your back, but if they don't then you come barreling through, killing those that stand in their way, while taking selfies with those who support the insurrection?

Is it a matter of keeping the President in so he can make sure that the police aren't defunded, and if people can't see that and get in your way, then all systems go for violence?

This has never happened.

Earlier in October of this year, the Northern Utah Black Lives Matter group, and the Utah chapter of the Proud Boys stood together in a joint statement of peace. “I don’t care what color your skin is, we’re all Americans and we need to find a way to come together instead of divide,” said the local Proud Boys president, a man named Seth who declined to offer his last name.

This has never happened.

I cannot recall ever seeing members of the KKK marching with those at Selma. I have never heard of two groups with such diametrically opposed views based on strong ties to their racial identities come together like this. Though I support it—I think we need a lot less hate amongst people in this world—it did cause some shockwaves through both communities. Initially, I thought this was a strategic move. Since we have seen above that those tasked to protect our most sacred of institutions have looked away when it comes to those they perceive as "true patriots," this could be an in.

Maybe this tag-team of Utah is the foundation of a movement set to take over in 2021; innocence through association.

Maybe there will be cops that read headlines somewhere of BLM supporting the Proud Boys.

Maybe they won't immediately beat you and take you to jail because of your skin color.

Maybe, in this new world, at worst, you would just get either the beating OR the arrest.

So would this theory have any weight any longer given where we stand ... in complete confusion?

The FBI has recently sent out a warning to all states that there may be attacks in all 50 at their respective Capitol Building, starting on January 16th, 2021. It seems these "true patriots" are mobilizing. Between the Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, guns, and other assortments of killing devices found in the Washington D.C. melee, these warnings are definitely not falling on deaf ears.

I think there is one story out of all of this that exemplifies how torn this nation is: The suicide of 51-year-old Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood. "We are reeling from the death of Officer Liebengood," Gus Papathanasiou, chair of the Capitol Police Labor Committee, said in a statement. Others seemed to share the same sentiment; he was a dedicated officer who wanted to do the best for his country. Watching some of his fellow officers being beaten, while others do nothing but allow the mayhem to commence, definitely took its toll.

Ordinarily, I like to write endlessly with example after example backing up my point. In this case, I don't know what that point would be?

Are we going to see racial separations be torn down over the next coming years?

Are we going to see these "true patriots" kill their fellow man in an attempt to justify ... something?

This time in history is going to be known for its butterfly effect. Perhaps we'll see police being held to some kind of higher standard, perhaps these "true patriots" will be treated in the same way ISIS would be if they were plotting an attack on all 50 states. What it even means to be a "Real American' is no longer something we can hold on to.

All I beg is that we never forget this moment like we have so many others. We need to remember who was on the wrong side of history and why. If not, then there most definitely will be ripple effects for years ... just not in any kind of self-aware or positive way.

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