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Qanon vs. Social Justice Warriors; Both Political Parties Have Been Pushed To The Brink

Written By: Anton Sawyer

dumbed down, brainwashed, misled, and divided
dumbed down, brainwashed, misled, and divided

I’m just going to put this out there: whether it be Qanon and the racists of the GOP, or the Social Justice Warriors of liberal fame who feel that your rights only extend as far as their feelings will allow, both political parties of America are being run by the lowest denominators of each. And in all reality, there is almost no difference between the two. These two sub-sections are the ones who push the narrative. Though neither the DNC nor GOP have gone full-in on the demands of these radicals, they have definitely taken the core ideals and morphed them into something more palatable for the general public. Today we are going to look at how each party has been directly impacted by these core members and what it means for the future of independent politics.


In an attempt to maintain complete transparency, all research and statistical fact-checking for this article, and all articles, can be found at our site's bibliography linked here.

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Starting with the GOP …

As much as we’ve looked at the January 6th insurrection as the epitome of what can happen when feelings supersede reality. Pundits from both sides of the aisle have brought about witness after witness to share accounts and get the facts of what happened that fateful day. Time and time again, they all spoke of how this was a nationally advertised rally to save America's values. Because everyone could see that storm coming, I wanted to look at a more recent event that flew under the radar for most but has the potential to be more disastrous.

In early August 2021, a surfing school owner from California was charged with killing his two children in Mexico. Though this is a tragedy in and of itself, when you examine the motivation, it’s chilling.

Matthew Coleman, the man responsible for the murders, was a 40-year-old Qanon and Illuminati conspiracy theorist who thought the children "were going to grow into monsters so he had to kill them." Upon arrest, authorities said Coleman confessed to the killings and told the FBI that he used a spearfishing gun to stab them. He believed they "were going to grow into monsters" and that conspiracy theories led him to believe that his wife had passed down her "serpent DNA" to the children. According to records, Coleman said that he knew what he did was wrong but that "it was the only course of action that would save the world." "Serpent DNA" is likely to be a reference to the "lizard people" conspiracy theory, which falsely purports that reptilian aliens secretly run the world and have taken over important positions in government, banking, and Hollywood.

This was also the reasoning that was given by Anthony Warner who bombed his RV outside an AT&T building in Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas Day 2020. He too claimed that lizard people were taking over Hollywood and the US government. When it comes to Coleman’s crime, what is truly scary is the fact that there was no advanced warning. Often when we hear of a murder involving a disturbed individual, there’s some kind of internet footprint by that person which could easily be pointed to when it comes to watching a mental decline. With Coleman, there really wasn’t any. There have been no explosive news reports showing a trail of crumbs leading to this outcome. Before starting a family, Coleman competed with a national championship surf team, taught English in Spain, and received a master’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, according to his surf school website. He doesn’t have the low-IQ individual that often gets paired with conservative crackpots. That's where the potential for disaster comes from, the blind-side.

Before we continue, just keep in mind that the people I have written about in this section are a part of the 30% of the Republican party that will follow the leadership blindly to the ends of the Earth.

The Democratic National Committee …

Though typically less physically violent, those die-hard liberals that support whatever comes out of the mouths of their leadership as gospel are just as dangerous politically as their conservative counterparts.

The portion of this party that is pushing it to the limits would fall under the Social Justice Warrior heading. To be honest, it is a complete weakness of personal constitution if you must try to destroy someone’s life anonymously or otherwise. Racism, homophobia, bigotry of any kind is just a shield to hide personal weakness and we should strive as a species to eradicate all of it, but we also live in a country where we uphold this idea of personal freedom and liberty which includes speech of all kinds.

People suck. Life is rated NC-17. You cannot be sheltered from it all. It’s when the argument I just made is put in front of someone who resides on the far-end of the SJW spectrum that they lose their minds.

The youth of America are dying by suicide in absurdly high numbers. Living in an online world is a direct culprit. Before I jump in too deep, I need to make it known that these are somewhat broad strokes. I know there is more nuance to the arguments I’m about to present, but this should give you a good introduction to what I mean. The SJW see the stopping of those who espouse any kind of bigoted ideals as penultimate to saving the life of someone. If we could stop homophobia from being so omnipresent online (especially in comment sections of social media outlets), then maybe some 16-year-old in middle America may not end up taking their own life. As a quick side note, the SJWs like to promote how much they believe in science. If this is true, then they would know we’re going through a biological shift as a species due to the re-routing of neurons brought on by spending so much time online. I think it would be better to look at mental health programs that deal specifically with biological changes and how to implement them nationwide so we can root the problem out and prevent it from escalating.

But to the core liberals, punishing those who push this social venom on the world by their complete removal is the only solution. Now, the argument as to whether the person being canceled deserves it or not is one for another time, but in every instance, cancel culture becomes the go-to. Canceling someone is now the default, and we see an often once beloved figure have their lives decimated before the eyes of everyone. As with the GOP, these liberals I have written about are also a part of the 30% of DNC that will follow whatever is told to them all in the name of what’s “right.” They are also helping stoke the future narratives of the party.

This means that at 40%, the political independent, is the largest voting bloc in America.

It is important to add a little clarity by looking at what a “political independent” even means in 2021; especially given how partisan everything has become. Independents used to be called “moderates,” but that idea has become nothing more than some quaint ideal of a past time. If you are a part of the political process at all, you know how warped and rigid the gatekeepers of each ideology have become. The idea of “either you’re with us, or against us” has become the default setting for the American political landscape, and if you don’t adhere to 100% of whichever’s platform, you are ostracized completely.

Are you someone who votes liberal but also owns guns and believes in gun ownership rights?

Are you someone who believes deeply in God, but you also feel it’s wrong to tell someone to live their life so you’re secretly pro-choice?

If you answered yes to either, you are independent.

I have seen the vicious reactions of the extreme ends of the political rainbow to even the slightest level of independence. It’s these people that have coined phrases like Republican In Name Only (RINO) or Democrat In Name Only (DINO) to further the divide. I have seen liberal friends of mine terrified to talk about ANY of their conservative beliefs due to fear of either being spoken down to or having lost the respect of their peer group—and vice-versa. As much as I don’t want this to become an ad or the like, it’s this hatred I have for the “either-or” mentality and was the reason this webzine was started. I hope that someday the fears that each independent carry with them will disappear.

I would love to see a time where the lowest denominators aren’t the ones who have become the default leadership. Whether you agree with the writings on this webzine or not, my goal is to show both sides in all their deceitful glory and allow you to make your own choice. I hope that over time there will be enough of us who aren’t beholden to one side or the other to have a voice that’s taken legitimately. Until then, keep fighting the good fight …


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