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Trisha Paytas: Assault Accusations Under Fire Due To New Evidence Surfacing (A Breakdown)

Written By: Anton Sawyer and Nicole West

This is an article that nobody was hoping needed to be written, especially not us at The Indie Truther. But when it comes to Trisha Paytas, she has the ability to bring out the purest of rage from an assortment of different people comprised of completely different backgrounds. Enter this article.

Trisha Paytas: Assault Accusations Under Fire Due To New Evidence Surfacing (A Breakdown)


In an attempt to maintain complete transparency, all research and statistical fact-checking for this article, and all articles, can be found at our site's bibliography linked here.

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Trisha has stated her preferred pronouns are she/her and they/them, all of which will be used throughout this article.

At The Indie Truther, we’ve written about the various mental and emotional maladies that can consume life in previous articles. Anton has dealt with drug addiction, mental and emotional issues, and the realities of confronting an out-of-control self-sabotaging lifestyle through many counseling and rehabilitative programs. Nicole has lived through sexual assault, which led to years of self-harm, a failed suicide attempt, and ongoing mental health issues as a result. To dredge all of this up to give some kind of perspective about Paytas and her situation, for us, really isn’t fun at all. However, when the evidence began seeing the light of day that the sexual assault she’s repeatedly hung her hat on as a key component to many of her mental and emotional instabilities may have been a complete fabrication, we felt obligated to write.

Once you can temper the rage that comes from seeing someone falsely accused of sexual assault, there’s a feeling of sympathy that sets in for how pathetic Paytas has been in her use of misdirection predicated on ruining the lives of others in an attempt to prevent the potential truth from becoming realized. Both having lived our experiences, watching Paytas and the recent scandals that have blown up in her face tugs at our heartstrings. Everyone who cares about her is watching her drown, all while trying to throw her a lifeline and becoming shocked that she’s refusing assistance.

To those who have lived in a similar way of life, none of her reactions are surprising in the least. If you're unfamiliar with Paytas and the accusations she's made against a former teacher of hers, it's a lot. To keep it digestible, broad strokes are going to be used. If you want to see this complete miasma broken down to the tiniest degree, in the bibliography we have included the links to a YouTuber (Mysterious) that has uploaded over 10 hours of evidence. The amount of time compiling the information this YouTuber has is nothing short of awe-inspiring. To sum it up, you can see every accusation made be solidified by watching the contradictions flow from the lips of Paytas. Paytas has told this story of a teacher sexually assaulting her numerous times over the years on YouTube, TikTok, etc. and to those who follow her, it's been made clear that this trauma has manifested itself in many different unhealthy ways through adulthood. There have been many pieces of information coming out lately indicating this all may have been a lie. If this is true, then her entire pathology is on incredibly shaky ground.

We want to make it clear that both of us truly believe that Paytas has been through some kind of serious trauma in her life. We are not trying to invalidate any of it. However, within the first few weeks of September 2021, there have been a lot of facts that have trickled their way through the inter-webs that help exonerate said teacher. A quick recap:

  • H3 Productions has made an official statement claiming that the evidence points against the accusations of Paytas and therefore have removed the podcast Frenemies Episode #17 where she named him.

  • Because of the vast amount of hypocrisies, lies, and misstatements on her Twitter feed, Paytas has changed it to private only; trying to hide her past.

  • Trisha's story has changed several times, not limited to being assaulted by one teacher, to three teachers. From abuse only 3 times to daily abuse.

  • Paytas has turned the attack towards H3 productions in an attempt to deflect having to take accountability for her wrongdoings.

Keeping all of this in mind, there’s enough evidence to support that some kind of assault did take place against Paytas, though it may not have been the teacher. One great example of subtle, yet rooted in reality, misdirection that illustrates this theory comes in the form of a now-deleted video she released in 2014 called “How To Seduce Your Teacher.”

Her tale of the teacher had already been swirling around for a few years, so this video was met with confusion and backlash (hence the reason it was taken down). Some saw it as an admittance that the teacher's accusation was a lie—why would you talk about such a traumatic event with such humor? Some saw it as a means of her regaining the power that was taken away from her because of the rape—that you are in control of the teacher and their desires and not end up the victim.

The issue resides in the fact that the video has nothing to do with school or teachers; rather, it is all just an exercise in taking back the power that was stripped from her and using the mask of being overly-sexualized as a weapon. Other evidence that supports our theory Paytas had been assaulted, but by someone other than the teacher, came from two videos that were made in regards to her mother’s last boyfriend that lived with them. Paytas has stated in videos that something horrible happened involving him, though she has not said specifics. Trisha's mother Linda also made a video (which has since been deleted) explaining how her ex was so drunk, he "fell" into Trisha's bed. Linda also made it clear that she was incredibly worried she would get her children taken away, being very dismissive of the accusations and made it clear she took the side of her ex. She kept saying how good of a guy he is, all while minimizing Trisha’s feelings. Linda’s video, though we’re sure unintentionally, lifted the veil to elements that could allow more clarity into the pathology of Paytas.

The first thing you pick up is that Trisha was clearly raised in an environment where reality is fluid. What someone feels is reality. What someone perceives is reality. If information comes about that is more advantageous to the self, it becomes reality. It’s fairly easy to see how this fluid reality could morph itself into baseless accusations against someone. In the mind of Paytas, it could go something like this:

  • Was I assaulted? Yes.

  • Was it very well known around the school that I flirted with teachers? Yes.

  • A teacher I had passed away. Since I was truthfully assaulted, and this person is dead, and has previous accusations of viewing pornography while at school then he had to be the one who assaulted me.

  • New reality installed.

With it clear that Linda, when faced with the tragic reality of what her ex had done to Trisha, was able to push away the facts with excuses and replaced reality so easily, that became ingrained as a part of her youthful learning/growing experiences. Monkey see, monkey do.

The second thing that the video Linda made does does show how easy it is to minimize the experience of others in order to maintain the reality you choose. This is a lesson certainly picked up by Trisha and has been the cause of the most vocal opponents to her accusations. It could seem to most that Trisha just doesn’t understand that by lying about any kind of sexual assault, not only does it dilute the message of those who have been legitimately attacked, but also makes it harder for future victims to come forward. We don't think this lack of perspective is lignorance. Rather, it seems to be a learned behavior from her mother.

Linda refused to acknowledge the pain Trisha experienced because Linda didn’t want to accept the facts. In turn, it sends the message to Trisha that the suffering of others is irrelevant if it doesn’t make sense to you.

There are more/other dramas that Paytas has been involved in, but this one about false accusations and refusing to take accountability for the deceptions that could ruin the lives of others is especially worrisome to us. Paytas is a mess of a human, anyone who pays attention knows this. But millions of young die-hard fans looked up to Paytas because of her ability to survive the sexual attack of a trusted instructor when she was a young lady, and parlay that into a successful career. When reading the chats and other notes, many women used Paytas as an inspiration; that anyone can rise above this kind of abuse and have a bright future. Because the overwhelming evidence is starting to surface, that thought is going to be stripped away and cause more damage to her followers (and future victims wanting to come forward) than I think she can understand.

We do empathize with Trisha, we understand that coming to terms with any trauma from your past can be excruciatingly hard, especially sexual trauma. Because of our own experiences, it is key for us to make it clear that we are not victim-blaming. Both of us have had to come to terms with destructive elements of our pasts, we know the level of self-loathing and guilt that can accompany when someone is not believed when they cry for help.

But when you spend a good chunk of your early career telling stories that revolve around attempting to seduce teachers, wearing revealing clothing around them, overall oversexualizing yourself to your superiors, along with her self admitted compulsive lying, it makes it tough to know what actually happened when drastic changes occur in those same stories after a decade.

In 2021, Paytas is doing everything to change her origin story because she’s run out of mileage on the originals. Of course, we can only provide our take on it. We encourage you to watch all of the video evidence and see for yourselves. As negative as this article may appear to some, we both genuinely want to see her succeed. It’s hard when you have mental and emotional problems and have nobody there in your corner … even if some of these problems are of your own making.


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