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Trisha Paytas-In 1543 It Was Discovered the World Orbits The Sun, Not You

Written By: Anton Sawyer and Nicole West

Attention! This article contains many topics which some may find disturbing including sexual assault, abuse, mental manipulation, and others. Also, all writing about Trisha Paytas is only the OPINION of The Indie Truther. Neither Anton Sawyer nor Nicole West are licensed doctors. However, given the personal experiences that both writers today have had with depression, addiction (The War On Drugs (Or: How To Perpetuate A Failure), and abuse (How Body Modification Saved My Life), there is a level of first-world experience that comes into play when looking at the given situation.


In an attempt to maintain complete transparency, all research and statistical fact-checking for this article, and all articles, can be found at our site's bibliography linked here.

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Trisha Paytas-In 1543 It Was Discovered the World Orbits The Sun, Not You; With Peace and Love

As outspoken Paytas has been about their personal growth via intense therapeutic counseling and medication, it seems like this might not be the solution to their issues. With the recent online feud between Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions, it would seem more appropriate to get them a professional geographer or someone who can explain that “denial” isn’t a river in Egypt. Now that is out of the way, from here on out, there won’t be any cheap shots against Paytas. We want to make it abundantly clear that this isn’t going to be an attempt to decimate them by picking low-hanging fruit. In fact, once you get done with this article, we’re sure that you will feel a level of pity for them. Because right now, they are nothing more than a scared child.

At surface level, most people know Paytas as the plus-sized, blonde-haired internet troll that says or does something to offend a huge part of the population. After they offend those people, they come back with some kind of an apology. If the apology doesn’t get the response they want, they begin to victimize themselves while lashing out at those who are the target of their ire. Afterward, they'll usually upload a video of themselves binge-eating Taco Bell or the like in a ceremonial fashion, all while savoring the spoils of their “victory.”

There will be some that see this descriptor of them as being utterly hypocritical to the statements made in the beginning. It isn’t, and we'll tell you why. Paytas knows they're doing this, and openly admits to it. In their 2019 video titled “I do NOT support Trump” Paytas made a statement that sums it up pretty well. They go on to explain that a prior video they released where they placed their support behind the ex-president, was a troll; a way to upset people and a way that worked. “As of me recording this [video], as soon as I put this up I’m sure a ton of people are going to unsubscribe [saying] ‘we’re going to show her,’ and that’s fine. If I’m canceled, I’m canceled. I’ve been canceled a bunch of times. And to be honest, canceling me isn’t going to do much because I’m kind of like that cockroach that stays on the internet.” Between this comment and others they've made when it comes to admitting their lack of knowledge in many areas (such as asking what the holocaust was), they really wouldn’t qualify for the Dunning-Krueger effect. In psychology, this is “a cognitive bias whereby people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain greatly overestimate their own knowledge or competence in that domain relative to objective criteria or to the performance of their peers or of people in general.” Essentially, it means someone too stupid to know they are stupid. Trisha has left enough breadcrumbs to lead someone to know they don't fall into that category. As mentioned before, Paytas knows exactly what they are doing, and is known to monetize drama. Just look at their "Stepping Down From Frenemies" video, they placed 15 ads on it. It’s only when you dig deep into their history, that the picture becomes much more clear—and much more morose.

The most recent kerfuffle Trisha was embroiled in is with former co-host Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions. These two have had a history for years, both good and bad, and it seems that it all came to a head earlier in June 2021. The reasons that are being perpetuated by both Klein and Paytas in the media have mostly to do with production/creative control of their joint podcast known as “Frenemies.” Paytas is claiming that they were under the impression they would be treated more like a producer and have a more prominent role in the day-to-day activities of the podcast. Klein has responded with the specific details of the agreements they’d made via text messages and other receipts. If we really wanted to, we could go bit by bit throughout their history, and tear apart every argument Paytas has ever made. For example, such as publically accusing Ethan and Hila of being terrible parents because they choose to have a nanny, to posting screenshots to Twitter of conversations between them and Ethan, which they proceed to call him "Jewy" after he offered a 60/40 partnership in his favor, due to production and crew costs. What Paytas fails to realize is there is more to running a show than showing up once a week and complaining about their ex's.

This article could literally be 2,500 words of nothing but refuting their assertions with facts. But The Indie Truther has always been about finding the systemic issues. Searching out the base of every problem in an attempt to fix that, knowing the rest of the dominos will fall into place. When it comes to Trisha Paytas and trying to find that root, the rabbit hole you must jump into is one of personal torture. Once you get to the bottom of it, every single clue points to the fact that Ethan’s wife, Hila, became pregnant with triplets while Paytas will be barren for life. Paytas is going back to the same self-sabotaging behaviors that they’ve become accustomed to. We truly do not believe that this feud has anything to do with production credits or a more active role in the podcast—it’s the internal hell that Paytas is experiencing watching the Klein family grow. Paytas has been open about their past. They have opened up many times on the Frenemies Podcast regarding being sexually assaulted as a young girl by teachers and other individuals. This, along with other experiences, led to a downward spiral of drugs and promiscuity. Most people can understand—though not condone—the use of chemicals as a coping mechanism for past trauma. It’s hyper-sexuality that confuses most.

Trisha Paytas Via:YouTube "Stepping Down From Frenemies"
Trisha Paytas Via:YouTube "Stepping Down From Frenemies"

When it comes to sexual assault, most of the trauma has very little to do with the sex itself, rather it has to do with power and control. Most rapists attack their victims for a sense of power, and violating someone in such a personal fashion takes away any and every bit of control the victim may have once held. Sexual assault victims respond with hyper-sexual actions as a means to regain that control. That THEY decide who they have sex with. That THEY have power over the situation. That THEY are regaining the power and control that was stripped from them. Paytas had found this through their success being a former stripper, and now an adult actress on OnlyFans. Yes, they have had their music and YouTube careers for many years, each with a level of success. However, it is their OnlyFans where they generate most of their revenue, they've admitted: “a million a month.” This is why the doubt is extremely high when it comes to their complaint about the H3/Frenemies business aspects they've been raising a fuss over. With the number of contracts and business enterprises Paytas has intertwined in their own empire, it’s hard to believe them having such a gross misunderstanding of the business arrangement they had with H3 Productions to warrant the response they've presented. The ONLY difference now is that someone within their close, inner sphere is with children. For someone with such pathological issues when it comes to sexuality and choice, this pregnancy would be crippling.

Having struggled with depression and addiction, people who have similar afflictions have a similar tendency; go back to what you know. There have been relationships, jobs, and other elements of life that have all been casualties of self-sabotage, by both authors of this work, so we can truly empathize with Trisha. You get in this mind-frame that everything horrible anyone thinks about you is true because you made a mistake (no matter how big or small), and you get into that thought process of it being easier to meet the low expectations of others since that’s all your good for. When you have someone like Paytas who has the sexual element to the trauma, then that becomes a massive trigger. In 2016 Paytas uploaded a video to YouTube admitting they cannot have children due to "having sex with random guys, unprotected ... so many" which inevitably caused them to contract an STD which left them barren. So when you’ve been sexually traumatized and spent your life trying to regain control over whatever elements you can, and then that lack of control is thrown in your face via a pregnancy you’ll never experience … it’s a powder keg waiting to blow. We saw glimmers of that come out when they expressed their frustrations over the fact that a recent Frenemies episode was titled "Pregnancy Announcement." Paytas was outspoken in their discontent that it was not their pregnancy, but Hila's, so it shouldn't have been a Frenemies title. Overlooking the fact that their co-host, Ethan, is once again becoming a father.

Will the Frenemies podcast will return? The outlook is not hopeful, and fans of the show are torn. Paytas has been enrolled in counseling for some time now, and that’s wonderful. There are still elements to their PTSD that have yet to be treated. There are still a lot of shadows lurking about that can cause triggers to fire indiscriminately, leaving a path of destruction that’s awe-inspiring. Until Paytas is able to acknowledge and resolve those issues, then don’t expect them to be hopping on to co-host anything with Ethan and Hila. On the flip-side though, until Paytas is able to acknowledge and resolve their issues, their OnlyFans content is more than likely to get a little more extreme/intense upcoming shortly. A person’s got a lifestyle to maintain.


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Sid Arei
Sid Arei
Jun 11, 2021

Good points here. Can't help empathizing with both of them.

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