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Washington D.C. To Host First-Ever Purge: Beginning January 6th, 2021

Written By: Anton Sawyer

In an attempt to maintain complete transparency, all research and statistical fact-checking for this article, and all articles, can be found at our site's bibliography linked here.

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It's always interesting to see how films predict the future at times. "Back To The Future Part II" was pretty close with the Cubs winning the world series, Blade Runner showed a pretty accurate depiction of a future filled with digital billboards painting the skyline. Of course, both of these films were released approximately 35-40 years before the events they portrayed took place. With the planned upcoming demonstrations in Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2021, it seems The Purge is going to jump the gun a little bit by comparison.

Don't Think. Don't Ask. Pay Tax. Vote For Us.

Throughout all of the media outlets we are seeing the same kind of quotes from those who oppose this upcoming demonstration by the Proud Boys—and honestly, anyone else who feels that they are being "true patriots" by keeping the corrupt government in check. Words like "stupid," "ignorant," and other demeaning terms are being constantly thrown around. As we have found over the last 10 years, the more you attack someone, the more they are going to completely shut down.

Given the scientific evidence brought about over the last decade pertaining to conservative-leaning individuals and which part of the brain dictates a majority of responses (the amygdala), the emotions may be in control. I truly want to help this group and examine two, three, or four steps ahead so you can see what the potential fallout will be when you "get what you wish for."

Time to be the advocate's Devil ...

Taking a step back for those who aren't overly familiar with what is planned in the nation's capital in a few days, let's recap.

Since the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump has brought about over 50 lawsuits towards various states and municipalities concerning election fraud. For those who haven't paid attention to them, they have been a lesson in schooling. Judges have flat-out threatened attorneys across the nation with disbarment for bringing about these suits with little to no evidence.

So first off, let's keep in mind that some want to see these suits get taken all the way to the Supreme Court, before the highest in the land, as they feel that only this level can fully settle the matter. What they don't understand is that it can't get that far because hundreds of attorneys don't want to ruin their careers by jumping on this sword. If you truly feel that only vindication can come from above, you may not want to hold your breath; it's never going to get that far.

After the electoral college held their vote, Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., was the first senator to announce plans to object to the count. He received swift criticism from senior Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Senate Majority Whip John Thune, R-S.D.

But the bell had been rung.

Over the last couple of weeks, everyone in the Republican party has been taking sides. Ted Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, and nine other Republican US senators or senators-elect said on Saturday they will reject presidential electors from states where Donald Trump has contested his defeat by Joe Biden, “unless and until [an] emergency 10-day audit” of such results is completed. This move was also welcomed by Vice President Mike Pence.

Other parts of the party weren't as willing to hop on board that train.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney described it as “nonsense,” the idea that a congressional audit would restore trust in the election, saying the American people trusted federal judges more than Congress. Though I disagree with the assessment of citizens trusting federal judges more, he is correct that an audit itself won't restore complete faith in the process—especially given that over a third of the country doesn't believe the process anyway if the results don't pan out in their favor.

U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Kernodle, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, dismissed a hail-mary lawsuit filed by Representative Louie Gohmert-R. Tx. and 11 Arizona Republicans that attempted to give Vice President Mike Pence the ability to overturn the results of the November presidential election won by Joe Biden. Gohmert then seemed to encourage violence as a means to this end. “But bottom line is, the court is saying, ‘We’re not going to touch this. You have no remedy’—basically, in effect, the ruling would be that you gotta go the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM.”

Let's say January 6th arrives and violence erupts. The proud boys and the Trump party win. The election is overturned and Trump remains the US President for four more years.

Riot in the streets

The first thing that will have to happen is the explanation to the part of the Republican party that still believes in the results, the American historical perspective, and rules that have guided us for hundreds of years.

Republicans like Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Rep. Tom Reed of N.Y., incoming Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, Rep. Don Young of Alaska, among MANY others, have all acknowledged and publicly proclaimed Joe Biden as the winner of the presidency. And speaking towards the potential violence specifically, McConnell was recently quoted as saying, "the politics of fear have no place in our society."

Assuming half of America is liberal, and half is conservative, the numbers don't entirely pan out. Given that only around 34% of the country overall approves of his job, that leaves a 16% gap. Even registered Republican voters are around 10% approval at this time.

I constantly hear from Rush Limbaugh and his ilk that only 3% of the population are transgender, yet that small amount of people have massively impacted the entire nation. Imagine what would happen when 16% looks down on what you did ... and these are "your people." Do you not think for a second about the possibility that a huge chunk of those Republicans wouldn't jump ship to the other side if for no other reason than the interpretation of what fundamental American values truly mean?

So let's say that the complete GOP machine backs Trump getting another four years. You have now eliminated almost half of the provisions in the US Constitution. So many of the amendments are based on creating an even playing field. That no matter your station in life, that what you are, what you have, and everything within your sphere, you will still be counted as a member of this country that matters. All of those will have been removed with "might is right." That there isn't a single institution in this country that cannot be beaten into submission.

So what is the endgame?

Trump supporters get him in for another four years at the cost of damage control and the possible mass-exodus of conservatives over to liberalism simply because those individuals hold the American values we've harvested for centuries?

To show that whoever is willing to cause the most physical damage is right?

There's no way that so many lawsuits could have caused the near disbarment of so many lawyers if the substantive proof was as immense as some believe. There's no way that so many people in the Republican party could have hated Trump so much as to cause a nationwide coup of hackers and number-crunchers to give the presidency up like that.

Though the above scenarios coming true are truly terrifying to what the future of this country holds, it's at least something ponderable. With the unclear motivations, thought processes, and mental gymnastics of those who support this level of chaos ... it's in the fact that we DON'T know what they are capable of that sends chills up the spine.

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