Who is the Indie Truther and Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that our readers can have questions about who we are, why we started this site, and what is the point of all of this.

That’s why we’ve provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

​​Q: Who are you and what exactly is this site?

A: My name is Anton Sawyer, I do the research and put the pen to the paper. My business partner is Nicole West who literally does everything else (all the back end boring stuff).


Anton is an American who, over the course of the last few decades, has watched as anyone who doesn’t fit into a pre-determined mold of what the two major political parties in the United States have built, be completely disenfranchised. The independents of this country are always spoken about when it comes to the elections, yet there is very little wiggle room in the philosophies of either side. We have been forced into the “us versus you” mentality.


This site is designed to show that both sides are just as guilty of the actions they accuse those on the other side of the fence of doing. We will do this by covering not only current and social events, but also events throughout history.


Q: Why should your opinions matter?

A: After having become politically aware during the 2000 election, Anton has followed both parties under scrutiny for many years. During this time he became obsessed with 20th Century American History and found that many of the calamities that hurt the country in the prior century were being repeated, and sending us on a negative trajectory. Also, for better or worse, over the last dozen years of his life, he has had the ability to be directly involved with situations that have dominated our social, and legal cultures. He doesn't think this makes him “smarter” or “better” than anyone, however, there’s a certain level of wisdom and experience you get from living a situation versus second-hand accounts. 


Q: What are these “situations?”


A:​ Here are some of Anton's examples:


1. In 2008 I was getting a ride home from a friend of mine who was black. I got to see racially motivated harassment by the police predicated on “mistaken identity” as we had just both got done with our work shifts. There is much to this story, but it ended when my friend was arrested, and I was threatened (in a few different ways) when I tried to stop the situation. 


2. In 2009 I was working in a medical testing department for a major university (I live in a major metropolitan city in a very, VERY red state), and was able to see first hand how the new Obamacare was impacting our patients and how it hit those who work on the front lines during such a change. 


3. In 2011 I became a victim of the opioid epidemic. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition which can cause a severe amount of pain. My doctor, on the first visit, prescribed me 120 Lortab 10mg, with 12 refills (it was supposed to last a year). I got severely addicted and it took years to quit. Happily, I can say I haven’t been taking them for over two years now. 


4. In 2015—before Donald Trump made his announcement—I worked for six months as a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee under Reince Priebus (I was researching politics and psychology). I called people who were registered as a Republican or who had supported before and used some pretty dubious tactics to “get support” from the base. 


5. Between 2016 and 2018 I worked in the music industry helping bands with press-writing and promotion. During this time I toured with a band across North America. With one of the members being a female, I was able to see that sadly, sexism and misogyny are still alive and well in the entertainment industry. Unrelated to them, another one of the bands I worked with had a very controversial name. It was so mired in the contention that both myself and the band were threatened—in some cases legitimate death threats—and a few venues canceled the show because they had received warnings that their club would be burned down if they allowed the band to play. 

6. In April of 2020, I contracted Covid-19 and survived.

Others will be brought up from time to time. I can say that having worked with and being involved in the lives of such a diverse group of people, it has helped me see things from perspectives that may not be apparent upon first glance. 

Q: What are you wanting us to think? What is the ultimate goal?

A: There is very little difference between the left and right wings of the political parties in America. Both have used influence to impact the ideas of their voters. Both have used misdirection and half-truths to paint a picture that oftentimes isn’t based in reality. For decades, both have recycled certain lies and deception tactics, and they use the low-information voter as their mascot. This site isn’t about trying to convince you to vote one way or the other.


This site isn’t designed to force you into a corner. This site is going to look at current, social, and historical events to show you how you are being manipulated and what the real information is. We're not one of those sites who say “don’t believe us,” to show their honesty. The only thing we ask is that if you truly think we are beyond wrong, then comment. Let us know. We want to start discussions. We promise that when you come here and read an article, that you are going to get the most correct data possible that’s available at that time. But as we’ve seen, medical and science changes, the number of people getting deported at any given time changes. These factors have forced a lot of people to reevaluate the things they were “sure” of before. 

Q: Do you allow an open forum discussion, or will my comments be censored?

A: We are believers in free speech. We do not believe there’s a word that can send a person to the place where the man with the pitchfork and horns conducts his business. As long as we can remain respectful, no one will be censored. However, comments that are racist, homophobic, or bigoted in any way will not be tolerated. 

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