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Q: Who are you and what exactly is this site?

The Indie Truther is a webzine that looks at how those who have any power or influence are using that same power in conjunction with misdirection to lead to (oftentimes) nefarious or self-serving ends. Because of the many avenues that this misdirection can take, the site not only focuses on the political leaders of our nation, but also those who are directing millions of followers through their social media empires. The primary author of the content is Anton Sawyer. He is joined by his business partner Nicole West—who handles all of the back-end elements to the site and occasionally pens a piece for it. The site is what we call “Unbiasedly Biased.” There will be articles that definitely have a pro-liberal slant. There will be articles that definitely have a pro-conservative slant. Some will even hold both to account all in one. Regardless of the positioning, both parties will be exposed at one point or another.  



Q: Why should your opinions matter?

After having become politically aware during the 2000 election, Anton has followed both parties under scrutiny for many years. During this time he became obsessed with 20th Century American History and found that many of the calamities that hurt the country in the prior century were being repeated, and sending us on a negative trajectory. Of course, transparency and trust are one of the keystones to what the site is about. This is why on every article, if some statistic is used or some piece of research is written about, the access to its entirety will be available in our Bibliography section. If there is a specific law that is referenced, the link to the law itself will be available. If there’s a scientific research paper, we will direct you to the entire thing. We know that context matters. We know that anyone can pick and chose certain quotes or other elements completely out of context to solidify their ideal. We include everything so you can see the entire context. Also, for better or worse, over the last dozen years or so of his life, Anton has had the ability to be directly involved with situations that have dominated our social, and legal cultures. He knows this doesn’t make him “smarter” or “better” than anyone, however, there’s a certain level of wisdom and experience you get from living a situation versus second-hand accounts.


Q: What are these “situations?”

  • In 2008 he was getting a ride home from a friend who was black. Anton got to see racially motivated harassment by the police predicated on “mistaken identity” as they had just both got done with their work shifts. There is much to this story, but it ended when the friend was arrested, and Anton was threatened (in a few different ways) when he tried to stop the situation. 

  • In 2011Anton became a victim of the opioid epidemic. He was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition which can cause a severe amount of pain. His doctor, on the first visit, prescribed him 120 Lortab 10mg, with 12 refills (it was supposed to last a year). He got severely addicted and it took years to quit. Happily, he can say he hasen’t been taking them for over two years now. 

  • In 2015—before Donald Trump made his announcement—Anton worked for six months as a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee under Reince Priebus for the campaign coming the following year. Though the purpose behind him working there was to research links between politics and psychology, it was discovered there was a lot more about the levels of manipulation the party used towards their base. He called people who were registered as a Republican or who had supported before and used some pretty dubious tactics to “get support” from the base. 

  • Between 2014 and 2018 Anton worked in the music industry helping bands with press-writing and promotion. During this time he toured with a band across North America. With one of the members being a female, he was able to see that sadly, sexism and misogyny are still alive and well in the entertainment industry

  • In the span of two years, Anton went from walking in and writing about the 2015 Pride Parade for a major metropolitan city, to receiving death threats from the liberal branch of the Social Justice Warriors for his work with a different band that was mired in controversy.

  • As you read through the articles, there will be other situations you will see that aren’t mentioned here. But whenever possible, Anton uses the research in conjunction with his experiences to illustrate how the United States is heading a specific direction, and what could be done to help stop it.

Q: What are you wanting us to think? What is the ultimate goal?

Unlike other websites that tackle politics or media influences, The Indie Truther is not trying to sell you on a specific side. The main purpose is for people to make educated choices. Both political parties constantly refer to “low information voters” and how they are damaging it for the rest of us with their ignorance. We look at what a politician—or social media influencer—claims as being accurate, and then leaps into the rabbit hole head-first to see what the actual numbers—or reality—is. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, the goal here is not to trash one of the sides to sway people towards the other. Whether you are conservative or liberal, if you find a person/group whose ACTIONS mirror the same ingredients that comprise your moral core, then go for it. But do not be so naïve as to think for one second that if there is power involved, the person/group you support hasn’t done something terrible to someone, at some point. Whenever I heard someone say “ALL politicians are liars. All they care about is screwing over the little guy. But I support (blank) because they tell it like it is!” No, they aren’t. They are just telling it like you want to hear it.

Q: Do you allow an open forum discussion, or will my comments be censored?

We are believers in free speech. We do not believe there’s a word that can send a person to the place where the man with the pitchfork and horns conducts his business. As long as we can remain respectful, no one will be censored. However, comments that are racist, homophobic, or bigoted in any way will not be tolerated. 

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