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Trisha Paytas Proving America Needs A Competency Test For Pregnancy

Written By: Anton Sawyer

Trisha Paytas Is Proving That America Needs A Competency Test For Pregnancy

*Trisha Paytas uses the pronouns they/them, those pronouns will be used throughout I happen to be one of those curmudgeons who believe you should pass some sort of exam to have children. I know, it’s not an opinion that is popular—if it were there would be someone, somewhere, trying to legislate it somehow. But after reading this examination of pop culture darling Trisha Paytas, you may be a bit more inclined to agree. By looking at their statements regarding their current pregnancy—both for and against its legitimacy—and the ripple effects that each outcome will have, it should give pause to anyone who disagrees with the concept of a “license to breed.”


In an attempt to maintain complete transparency, all research and statistical fact-checking for all articles can be found in the bibliography linked here.

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Yes, I am intrigued by the train-wreck that is Paytas; it feeds that primal part of the brain that we as a species share when it comes to feeling superior over those whose lives are a total mess. Since humans began organizing into groups and developing a system of social hierarchy, there has always been a person or sub-sect that is generally looked down upon by all, yet attracts the complete fascination of the same amount. With the level of response that there has been to their pregnancy announcement in early 2022, Paytas has once again re-captured that fascination. OK, so let’s get to the facts.

  • Paytas sent out a few Instagrams announcing their pregnancy on February 14th.

  • Paytas stated they were nine weeks along as of this point.

  • In the posts, there were pictures of ultrasounds and a positive pregnancy test.

Immediately, the online world began pointing out the inconsistencies in her timeline. During the honeymoon, pictures of Paytas drinking while knowingly pregnant began to be questioned. Along with the time frames they've given, it would mean that the fertility treatments they began at the end of 2021 would have taken effect on the very first try. The odds of that happening, while not impossible, are incredibly minute.

Another red flag comes from the fact that Paytas lives in the same city as Nvision Studios. Nvision Studios is a full-service design company that is known for helping to fake pregnancies by providing things like ultrasounds, positive pregnancy tests, and even rooms dressed like those found in the delivery ward of any hospital in America for filming purposes to allow for the complete fabrication of conception. Though there is no concrete link between Paytas and Nvision, knowing that a company like this has been so successful in duping people into believing a phantom pregnancy as being real, it begs the question of validity when it comes to the proof Paytas showed on their Instagram posts given their history of making a career out of internet trolling. Even beyond this information, one of the key components to the "Mythos of Paytas" is that they have been very public regarding their body being ravaged by STDs leaving them barren. Time and time again they have mentioned various sexual acts with various partners without concern for contraception, and it being due to their lack of concern when it comes to fertility. Due to the increasing level of backlash, a few weeks after the announcement, Paytas did a live stream where they answered questions that broached all of the above-mentioned facts used to dismiss the pregnancy as a fake. On the live stream, they stated, "The amount of 'I'm faking this [pregnancy],' OK. First off, beyond hating on an unborn child, saying someone's pregnancy is fake EW! It's like, what's people's problems? Why are you so affected by my womb?" After this, the stream bounced between each of the doubts brought about by the internet sleuths who had done their research. Each one was either flat-out denied or ignored with non-answers. Since in the world of pop culture the tea is fluid, let’s play “what if?” Liking to be the advocate’s Devil, I wanted to look at each potential outcome and see what Hellish landscape awaits. Let’s begin with the more logical of the two outcomes; assuming she is not pregnant. This outcome is a little easier to predict. Given her penchant for drama, it would not surprise me that if she wasn’t pregnant, for her to find a way to capitalize on the human tragedy element to it all. As I’ve written before, Paytas never discovered that in 1543 the world orbits the sun, and not them. For that to continue, the reveal that they aren’t pregnant would have to be done in such a way as to make it about Paytas specifically. Though I hope that if they are pregnant they don’t lose the child, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Paytas faked a miscarriage. Having personally seen what that can look like, I have a pretty good idea of what the overall outcome could be.

When I was a teenager, I worked in a single-company owned call center named “Feature Films For Families.” If you’ve ever worked in a smaller-sized department of any call center, eventually everyone knows what’s going on in everyone else’s lives. This is how I became aware of a coworker named Luke and his situation which somewhat mirrors the events Paytas finds themselves in; pregnancy. Though I wouldn’t say that Luke and I were “friends,” I did talk to him on occasion after shift while he was waiting for his pregnant girlfriend to pick him up. As the months progressed, he became more and more worried because she wasn’t showing … at all. When I would ask him about this and the legitimacy of it all, he would always respond with the fact that the women in her family wouldn’t typically start showing until month eight. I did find out that this was true … but that was the only part of her story that was. From when she proclaimed she was pregnant until the end of month seven when she had the miscarriage, she had convinced him to give his life to her. From a new apartment to a new car, she did everything she could to make sure that she was as taken care of as possible by having him co-sign on everything. Following the miscarriage, Luke’s suspicions had gotten the better of him, and after some investigating had found that the pregnancy test he was shown that had him convinced, actually belonged to his girlfriend’s cousin. A pregnant cousin he knew nothing about until it was too late. After he showed her the evidence he’d collected, she tried to blame him saying that it was his fault everything had played out in the way it did. She took the car and apartment, letting them default and the weight of debt fall on Luke's shoulders. Though Paytas has money and the situation is different in many regards, at its core I could see them finding a way to make the loss about them, and not about mourning the death of their unborn child. If you have followed Paytas at all during their career, then you know they have no limits as to how they could construe any attacks levied against them. With Paytas, it's possible they could go the way of hate and try to sue any detractors of the pregnancy for defamation. No matter their response, if they fake a miscarriage and the validity of the entire pregnancy comes into question with even more damming evidence, they will lash out in ways we may have never seen. But what if Paytas is with child? Early indications are a complete nightmare. During the same live stream, Paytas was asked about family vlogging, including filming the birth. She stated, "We are filming the birth, and yeah, I think baby vlogs for sure. Again, are we going to be a full-blown family channel? Probably not, but we're going to do it ourselves and everything's hands-on so that's going to be my life for, baby life, for a while before I'll just have the baby attached to me." During the video, they also mentioned that due to their celebrity status, the child may even be homeschooled. This means it’s possible that from literally moment one, the only wellspring of knowledge this unborn child may ever know will come from one source only: Trisha Paytas.

This child doesn’t stand a chance. From the womb, it will be on camera. Paytas has also hinted at being willing to put the birth video on their OnlyFans page. If Paytas is already claiming that their life will be that baby, there is almost no way that the child will never know what it means to grow up without the world knowing their every step; just name the child Truman and you’re set. When it comes to Paytas, all I can picture is someone 10 years away from being Mama June. I mean this in the regard that she too will sell out her entire family in front of the world on camera if need be to serve her own needs. The June family has been utterly decimated by its fame live in front of a national audience. And make no mistake, Trisha Paytas is Mama June. Like with my co-worker Luke, it’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. But make no mistake, pregnancy (whether completed or not) can be weaponized, and its casualties are many. His is just one example of many that I could have culled from. Between female friends I’ve had that would do what they could to get pregnant to keep their spouse from leaving, to those who’ve used abortion as a revenge tactic, I can’t see how having two people take a basic competency test to be so tragic. Though I will admit, I’m not stupid enough to think the government would be able to run it in any kind of effective capacity, either.


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I think your writing is hilarious..when you said this particularly it made me laugh - "Nvision Studios is a full-service design company that is known for helping to fake pregnancies by providing things like ultrasounds, positive pregnancy tests, and even rooms dressed like those found in the delivery ward of any hospital in America for filming purposes..." It also made me laugh when you continued to refer to Trisha as they/them haha

Me gusta

02 mar 2022

I would remove the chromosomes comment IMO I don't think its as funny as you think it is. People with Downs Syndrome or Williams Syndrome are wonderful people.

Me gusta
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